Icybag with Gel Pack

Icybag is a cosmetic bag with a cool twist - it's fully insulated and includes a freezer gel pack to keep your items cool!

 Hot weather and sun used to be the worst enemy to many beauty, health and snack items, but not anymore.

 Just freeze the gel pack and you're ready to go! You're items will stay cool for hours!

Great for lip balm, makeup, snacks, sun protection products, medications and more!

 With style and proven effectiveness to keep your products cool and protected - even during summer's most sweltering days - Icybag will be your new sidekick! 

Beachside. Poolside. On the go. On the plane. On the golf course. Outdoor events. Icybag will be chillin' by your side! 

Awarded Best Toiletry Bag by Inc. Magazine! 

Take the heat in stride with Icybag by your side!

Custom Gel Pack Included!

 Available in 3 colors:






8" X 6" X 2"


Price: $18.00


You can purchase your Icy Bag on or click the link below:
Never ruin another shirt, tie, or blouse ever again!

Product Details
​-Woven strap with clips to attach to a napkin
-Adjustable to fit small child to large adult
-Custom imprints available

​*The origin of the Bibkin
Developed by Marc Polish Associates as a cure for SED!
  SED stands for the problem known as Sloppy Eating Disorder. The telltale signs are spots and stains on the front of ones clothing!

*A cure has been found
By attaching the clips of the Bibkin to a napkin, SED sufferers can convert the napkin to a bib.
Eating and drinking spills are diverted onto the Bibkin instead of ones clothing. 
Plus, it saves on expensive dry cleaning bills, too!

*Makes a great gift or party favor
The Bibkin is great for fund raising projects, to promote your business, or for wedding and party favors.
Wholesale and large quantity pricing available on website.

​​$9.95/set of 2

​​You can purchase The Bibkin on, or click the link below


Jessica deBen

Makeup Artist, Local 706





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